LG Art Cool

LG Art Cool

LG Art Cool air conditioners are ductless making them easy to install, repair, and maintain. They’re perfect for heating and cooling and make use of revolutionary Inverter Technology. The larger cross-flow fan and enhanced outlet increase airflow by an impressive 29%. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the 4-way swing disperses air quickly.

Sleek, stylish, and quiet, the LG Art Cool is unrivaled. Anyone wanting a top-of-the-line cooling system will benefit from one of LG Electronics USA Commercial Air Conditioning’s most popular air conditioning units. LG Cooling will be more than happy to install your new LG Art Cool in your home or business today.

LG Art Cool


Express your individual sense of style while cooling or heating your living or working space with these attractive, LG Art Cool duct-free split systems from LG. Available in a variety of finishes—including a customizable model—the interior, wall-mounted unit can be subtle or splashy—it’s up to you.

This innovative model allows you to display your favorite image in the customizable picture area. Any drawing, photo or other graphic can be placed in the LG Art Cool™ frame. Showcase artwork, a family portrait or vacation pictures—the choice is yours.

LG Art Cool™ Gallery Inverter duct-free split system is available in 9,000 and 12,000 Btu/h. The system can operate in heating or cooling for all-season comfort.


LG’s duct-free split single zoned systems are designed to bring cooling or heating comfort to any room in a home, office, school or business. From vintage homes to urban loft settings, you’re sure to find just the right look and system to enhance your space.


Select the customizable LG Art Cool™ Gallery Inverter and you’ll be limited only by your imagination. Change the picture as often as you wish by simply lifting the front panel up and out, and sliding in the new artwork. LG’s Art Cool™ is also available in a mirror finish.


Art Cool™ products have all the features you look for in an air conditioner. Remote control operation, outstanding air filtration, natural air flow and auto operation modes make these units the ideal choice for home or office


Art Cool™ and standard systems are highly flexible and can be retrofitted to most residential and commercial settings. There is no need for costly, time-consuming ductwork or window installation. Plus, the ultra quiet fan and motor make LG duct-free split system a sound choice— even the outdoor condensing unit is quiet and neighbor friendly