Central Air Conditioning Unit

Central Air Conditioning Unit How to Maintaning

Central Air conditioning Unit Unit How to Maintaning

When it comes to summer and warmer temperatures, there isn’t anything like walking into the home and feeling a cool breeze hit you. It feels refreshing and can make anyone feel comfortable and relaxed.  Now, imagine coming into that same home and its stifling hot and muggy.  That dreaded walk to the thermostat and then to the central air conditioning unit can confirm that there is a problem that needs to be fixed.  A call to a HVAC technician must be made and a follow-up visit scheduled.

The Cause

The HVAC Technician comes out and determines that the actual Central Air Conditioning Unit has gone out.  How could this be when it is only six years old?  It is most likely due to the fact that the unit wasn’t being properly maintained.

Here are some things to look at and do that will keep the Central Air Conditioning Unit lasting as long as possible:

  • Change Filters – This is something that should be done often.  By not changing the filters, they can get very dirty and clogged.  This will make the AC unit have to work that much harder to get the air to flow through the filter.  A clean filter will allow the Central Air Conditioning Unit to work much more efficiently.
  • Duct Work – The air can flow into the home but if the duct work is leaky or loose, a whole bunch of air can be lost.  This means that the AC unit has to work harder to do what sealed and tight ductwork does ordinarily.  Check the duct work and make sure it’s nice and tight. If not, have it fixed as soon as possible.
  • Check for Leaks – There is no such thing as a leak-proof home.  When using the term leak, this implies the loss of air from inside the home.  Windows, doors, ventilation openings, even where walls connect or roofs meet, lets air out.  This means the house will not use all of the air that is coming in and basically the Central Air Conditioning Unit is also trying to cool off the outdoors.  It’s easy to test and see where leaks are and then work to get them fixed.  Once repaired, you’ll notice less air getting out.
  • New Thermostat – One of the easiest and fastest items that can be changed out that will help the Central Air Conditioning Unit is the thermostat.  Older thermostats lose their accuracy over time and what might show it set at 70, in reality it could be registering as much as 3 degrees above or below that.  Change it out with a digital thermostat or one that is Wi-Fi compatible.  This will allow for easier adjustments and will make the Central Air Conditioning Unit work better and more efficiently.

Central Air conditioning Uni – Be Cool and Save Money

The summer heat can be brutal and nothing compares to that feeling of the Central Air Conditioning Unit kicking on with cooling air.  Keeping the Central Air Conditioning Unit in the best shape possible requires a bit of work and all of that effort is worth it in the end.  If a repair is not done immediately, it can be a very costly error that requires you to replace the entire Central Air Conditioning Unit. With temperatures rising, it’s very important to make sure that everything is working optimally.



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