LG Cooling Units – What You Need to Know About

LG Cooling Units – What You Need to Know About

With summer nearly here, the want and need for cooling units is present every day.  Air conditioners are one of the many ways that people, homes, and businesses stay cool.  There are many kinds of air conditioners and some of the best coolers come from LG.  They are a company that has been around for many years and knows that helping people keep cool is important.

Different Types of Cool

LG has many different kinds of cooling units that are readily available for people.  From stylish to simple yet highly effective, these units are designed with comfort in mind.

Some of the models LG Cooling offers include:

  • LG Art Cool. This is a ductless air conditioner that is really unique.  Think of it is as large picture that can cool off a room or house.  Its design allows for people to change out the art in the frame on the front anytime they wish.  It is ductless so there is little major construction or remodeling that has to be done.
  • LG Mega Wall Mount. These cooling units are designed to be low profile and use duct-free technology.  By doing this, it saves people time and money and can get the house or room cool efficiently.  The LG Mega Wall Mount is nice to use in place of traditional air conditioners.  This means that the overall system is easier to maintain.  It also means that it’s easier to keep the room, home or business at a comfort level than conventional air conditioners can.
  • LG Ceiling Cassette. Mostly ideal for businesses, this unit is designed and available in four different sizes.  These are mostly ideal for warehouses and large open areas.  Being ductless like some of their other cooling units, it allows for a more esthetically clean look.  Another plus for these ceiling cassettes is that they can be controlled by remote and have a jet flow setting on them which allows them to cool a room in a short amount of time.
  • LG High Static Ducted.  One of the few ducted cooling units that is sold by LG, this one is designed for ceiling-concealed installation.  It comes in two sizes and is designed for almost strictly business and warehouse type locations. These units are single zone which means they don’t have to be connected to other units to operate.  They are wired for easier control and make perfect sense for cooling large areas.

The Cool Way

LG has been helping people keep cool for years.  They know that having exceptional products and pricing is important.  For those people who are looking for cooler ways to beat the heat this summer, consider getting a cooling unit from LG.  Not only are these units great at keeping things cool, they are energy-efficient as well.  This means you’ll be able to save a lot of money throughout the lifespan of an LG cooling unit.  From the LG Art Cool to the High Static Ducted, there is an option for everyone.  The key is figuring out which one will work best, then enjoying the cool savings once they are installed.